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søndag den 18. september 2022

had a great summer

Had a great summer in my caravan, there are still some things that need to be fixed, but that will have to be next year.​

tirsdag den 31. maj 2022

Beautiful Horses in town

Our Queen Margrethe's guard horse regiment in Elsinore - she herself will come tomorrow and ride through the city - it was a beautiful sight with the big horses through the city today and then in glorious beautiful weather

onsdag den 11. maj 2022

Spring and a Caravan

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I posted anything. sorry.
I have bought a caravan HOBBY CLASSIC
and have been working on a makeover inside it. I love camping and thought that now it's over with gardens and cottages as, soil and weeds is not my game anymore. I want an easier life where I can enjoy and relax when I am at the campsite I can do that.So no more cottage and garden for me ;O)) whiii Iam happy.
Do you have a caravan?

we have totally spring in Denmark now.

torsdag den 3. februar 2022

Cards and crochet whiii...

et nyt år og en ny begyndelse, jeg er rask fra corona og har senest været kreativ med kort og med at hækle, jeg elsker jo begge dele så jeg har kombineret det og lavet nogle lette kort....jeg er vel kreativ

a new year and a new beginning, I am healthy from corona and have recently been creative with cards and crocheting I love both so I have combined it .... I am probably creative

torsdag den 6. januar 2022

Happy new year - light colors scarf and corona

Happy new year and a new upcoming long narrow scarf for cool summer days which also comes in the new year. I wish you all a Happy New Year. I got corona just 1 of January, but is now starting to feel okay again
I have received 2 vaccines and that is why I get through the corona reasonably.
I cough a lot was very tired the first few days but now on 6.1.22 it is luckily going forward with me.
so i stay inside and do what i love to do best? Crochet.
hope you enjoy my bright colours and simple work
Its not done yet but you get the result

tirsdag den 23. november 2021

fall colors in granny rug

the other day i then started again on a new granny rug, i love having one running- and now comes then one in fall colors.

My new book about rugs/crochet and weaving. /min nyeste bog omkring hæklede tæpper og vævning

fredag den 19. november 2021

New crochet blanket

then I finished my grandmother's crocheted rug, I took it out into nature to be able to show you the best photos and pictures of it