torsdag den 3. august 2017

my work with cards and Studio

A small collection of my cards, I have more than 100 in stock...NOW your smiling big I can imagine - and I show picture of my work with stamping and my signature writing...
all things that take time to do then there is packing in foil bags
You probably know the usual routine
I usual buy finished made cards with envelopes but somtimes i do them myself
and the buy the envelopes aside

I do have lots of stuff, and not all is in new furniture or fine tables but I manage and I have it all in my small studio

I love my room and Iam glad to have the space I need, although you can always use more space -I LOVE TO be creative.

I would like to see how you have adapted to your workplace.

thanks for following me on my blog - I appreciate the friendship and your nice words.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing how you make so many fantastic cards in you space. You have definitely found a beautiful style that suits you. Thank you for sharing your workroom

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Your cards are all fantastic, and I love your studio space. My working space is messy!
    Hugs, Valerie

  3. Handmade cards are superior to store bought, and your cards are just gorgeous!! I am making cards & envelopes with card stock, but you inspire me to put artwork on the cards.
    It is a treat to see your workspace. Thank you for sharing the photos!!

  4. Those cards are wonderful. I simply adore your workspace and agree that furniture doesn't have to be the same or look either new or antique to be a craft space. I simply adore how you have filled yours and how you can find everything within easy reach.

    I don't have time to photograph my craft space now, but if you would like to see what it usually looks like (I'm a NEAT freak, but not a clean freak), you can see it here:

    I've changed a few things and most of my handmade paper has been given away, but basically, it's still the same.

  5. Your work space looks so neat and tidy.
    I am afraid to say , mine is always messy and cluttered.
    Your art looks amazing and you have a wonderful designs for your cards.

  6. Oh, I love having a peek into the creative space of an artist! I get very nosey examining everything on your shelves and tables. You are right, the furniture isn't what matters. It's having a space to create, no matter the size or look. I am always moving things around and thinking up some new convenient storage and use plan. Mine is rarely a neat space.

  7. You are so well organized! Looks fantastic!

  8. Stunning cards Dorte and your work studio is lovely and looks so well organised. Gill x

  9. You have such a beautiful work space!! The storage is fabulous!! And wow - your cards are amazing!! Do you sell them someplace like Etsy? If not, you should!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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