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mandag den 28. august 2017

Cat Cards

made some lovely cat cards, cut out of an old story book. background is watercolour ;O)) of course

kattemotiverne er udklippet fra en gammel børnebog og baggrunden er akvarelfarve/vandfarver

onsdag den 23. august 2017

Two chairs with decoupage

I use the chairs in my kitchen therefore the bird/rabbit and fish - a kind of food theme I thought.


tirsdag den 22. august 2017

One more Stool with decoupage - Bird and flowers

and then I made 2 small stools with decoupage, Its kind of fun to do.
I like the result

I give the chairs many times clear coat after decoupage - so they get a deeper expression

Stool with decoupage - Animals and flowers

mandag den 21. august 2017

Home again and decoupage..

Hello everybody, me just home from holiday very tired and well stocked with beautiful impressions, walking alot seeing alot.
BUT now Iam back ;O)
and yesterday I started on making decoupage on an old chair and stool
lets begin with the chair

Only decoupage half way down two legs and the back and a new pink pillow

lørdag den 12. august 2017

Stamps - friend cards and COWS

-and then I want to show you some sweet danish cows I walked by, on my 10 km motion walk today

fredag den 11. august 2017

Vintage and stamps

Old vintage photos and stamps
I got the stamps from friends all around the world
- back long time ago..
- now Iam happy I saved them
and used them like this, on artcards and vintage people.
Normally, I never use people on my cards but this was fun
-got the inspiration online