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mandag den 21. januar 2019

søndag den 13. januar 2019

Yarn art picture

today i spend 8 hours making this picture on canwas
its embroidery yarn and i went around around around around..welll many times..
also I found a branch and did the same.

torsdag den 10. januar 2019

new colored page and new things bought

New prismacolors, new colouring book and some new pages coloured in Ivy and the Inkybutterfli by Johanne Basford.

tirsdag den 8. januar 2019

-some colouring going on

New colouring going on

a huge new colouring going on
by Johanna Basford
with background using fabercastell pastels and the motives using Polychromos and prismacolor
Prismacolor is wax based -
Polychromos are oil based.
both works well and together
have fun

søndag den 6. januar 2019

well....some christmas cards on ;O))

sidste julekort, lånte nissestemplet og måtte jo lige lave et par kort
do you want to see my last christmas cards?
a fine gnome stamp just borrowed, they are so cute.
I will wait however to make more christmas cards ...
not in christmas mood spirit anymore ;O))

Basford drawing done

huge work put into this.

torsdag den 3. januar 2019