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søndag den 31. december 2023


My Danish friends and foreigners of many nationalities I wish you all a happy new year 2024, thanks for the old one. take care of yourselves out there -

tirsdag den 27. juni 2023

Just learned to Knit Socks...

I have finally learned to knit socks, here are some of them.
I am now about 7 pairs.
it has taken me a really long time to learn, approx. 1 year. since I first started. with occasional breaks of course.
but now I can knit them to fully
and I'm quite proud and happy.
you’ll need small needles and between 1 and 3 balls of yarn, - you can finish both socks in just a day or two.
You can knit to the length you prefer, but remember – the higher you go, the more yarn you’ll need.
I show you lots of photos now so have fun and hopefully you will get inspired
and to go some photos of the ones i also made

lørdag den 4. marts 2023

a bit of...well all...

i long for spring, camping and warm weather, we have sun in denmark but it is cold.
some photos of what Iam doing
crochet a blanket alpinestitch and making food in my new airfryer, also i visit my caravan to see if everything is well.

a little spring in my crystal vases

also a little spring in my kitchen window

Hope you are all well outthere - keep safe - love Dorte