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søndag den 17. maj 2020

more Dina Wakley cards

love make those Artcards, with all the paint,cracle paste, cutting, then blackened the edges well the whole proces

lørdag den 16. maj 2020

Dina Wakley card

today i got the stamps i had ordered. Dina Wakley, loves her quirky abstract lines, people and birds, flowers and more

fredag den 15. maj 2020

more cards today..

finally made some cards...

then I finally made some cards. In this weather it's a good thing I can't crochet all the time or weave so now the cards are in line. Hope you like them

torsdag den 7. maj 2020

nature around me...

I live in a very beautiful place, Northsealand - Denmark, on a bike or in a car my nature is just around the corner
I love to go on my bike out into nature I go nearly everyday
I explore and find new spots everytime, its amazing
I never travel abroad do not want to go on a plane
I only need to cycle 500 m then i am in a forest and, 2 km to the sea and further up the coast we have amazing views, places, small cosy towns, hills and more..ohhh I love my little Denmark.
I hope you all will enjoy my photos.
I wish you all a wonderful summer

click on the photos to make them large..
thank you for stopping by.
i hope you will enjoy