My Books

torsdag den 30. maj 2024

tirsdag den 28. maj 2024

my collage designs

I really like making A5 collage pictures from design paper, painted paper, sheet music and like to use old books.

søndag den 26. maj 2024

cute teddy bear cards

The pictures are taken from various places on the internet. thanks for them.
i found them under the felt bears if you see one of yours let me know and i will give you credit/attention on this page if you want this.

Purrrrr and simple cat cards

i still make cards, now and then i get thecreative spot up in me..
this time i did some purrrrrrsimple cat cards

onsdag den 8. maj 2024

Caravan, just to let you know..

Iam still camping.
I have moved the campsite to a place closer to my home. I can now cycle there. but here are some photos. Hope you all have a wonderful summer and that you will share some photo memories from there on your blogs.