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torsdag den 26. april 2018

Working on my envelopes..

Working on my envelopes, love this alot, they will be mailed out into the world...
showing some done to..

tirsdag den 24. april 2018

Gaver til mig..hi hi

Syns jeg trængte til lidt nye stempler.

og Kristina hjælper med frimærke sortering- det er ren lol - bruger dem jo til pynt på mine kuverter.

Tak for hjælpen
New gifts for me..lovely stamps and another kind of stamps, the ones we use on envelopes being sorted out with help from friend

making great envelopes..

make beautiful envelopes to send out to happy recipients is my goal..
I have around 30 penpal´s around the world..

fredag den 13. april 2018

tirsdag den 10. april 2018

lots going on..

bits and bobs and things going on...Iam mailwriting with girls /woman all over the world so not much time to make cards
nice to do something else..
I make prints on old vintage paper and so on

also I make beautiful small envelopes and big ones to
for outgoing slowmail
You can find me on INSTAGRAM SEARCH FOR dortesjs

I will start on the big scrapbook I bought a few days ago very soon, in it I will display all the goodies /or some of it/ I have been given in slowmails from around the world...
so stay tune..

fredag den 6. april 2018

dogsitting and other things...

lot of things going on...but mostly on my Instagram profile
also Iam dogsitting for a week

also I got my wall painted the other day by my sister, she is so clever with borders ...

but hop over on Instagram and see more...