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tirsdag den 28. juli 2020

New addiction...YARN

- is learning to knit and has now made hats, scarves, wrist warmers, leg warmers and is working on my first sweater - it's so much fun and you become completely addicted to yarn - a new hobby requires a lot so CARD production has been put on the shelf for a while.
I hope you will follow me on my new adventure anyway ;O)) do you knit? please tell me and please show me your work - your YARN addiction - OOOOhhh I love yarn.

I knit everywhere Yesterday I was by this beautiful lake inside a forest ...

it is an area where highland cattle roam freely around the whole area is a mix of forest lakes and fields with animals it is just a great place and i love cycling there and being there. You may have seen pictures from the site before, because I posted

Do have a fantastic summer