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torsdag den 19. september 2019

I have become an aquarist

I have become an aquarist, bought a small 54 l aquarium some weeks ago

- but it quickly became too small
I was many years ago an aquarist but the interest has aroused again and now I have acquired a large 250 L aquarium to, which has been set up
- now I just wait for the values and micro of the water to stay in order
Then fish come in, it's so exciting when they get a new and larger home

I'll tell you what fish I have right now:
I have gubbies, ancistrus moths and platters (platy) I love ancistrus and have kids to...somewhere in there lol lol lol

I show you later the result of the 250 l
and yes i have placed a large mirror behind the aquarium to get a 3d effect, I hope it will give me even more greatness