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torsdag den 23. april 2020

a new wallhanger is starting to show..

a new wallhanger on the go.
I just love weaving.Saori...
THIS is what Saori weaving is about: “SAORI”- a process to uncover hidden power of creativity, there is not two weavers are alike - SAORI is an art form in which we express our true selves in weaving. There is no samples to follow, and there is no mistakes in weaving. Weavers just weave.
The irregular selvage and accidental skip of thread add the unprogrammed beauty to the SAORI cloths

torsdag den 16. april 2020

Weaving a walhanger..

My weaving wall hanger
Just bought a weaving loom. I have tons of yarn..
So now I can say; this is my new more new creative hobbie