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tirsdag den 23. november 2021

fall colors in granny rug

the other day i then started again on a new granny rug, i love having one running- and now comes then one in fall colors.

My new book about rugs/crochet and weaving. /min nyeste bog omkring hæklede tæpper og vævning

fredag den 19. november 2021

New crochet blanket

then I finished my grandmother's crocheted rug, I took it out into nature to be able to show you the best photos and pictures of it

fredag den 3. september 2021

Hæklet tæpper af klude

Her har jeg hæklet tæpper af revne klude...lige udkommet med en lille bog om hele processen

crocheted rugs of cracked cloths, bedding and sheets. it's super cozy. crochet hook 10 and 12 I use.

Link to video

torsdag den 15. juli 2021

Pictures done in oak frames.

and then my pictures were finished. They are set in oak frames with mat/white passepartout.

lørdag den 10. juli 2021

making new pictures. 3 pictures in total

I make brand new pictures for large 50x70 oak frames
-collage with many little quirks on studying, I end with crackling paste for finish. waiting right now for my passepartout frames to be ready for pickup
so keep an eye out for finished result on this blog

second picture on the go...

tirsdag den 25. maj 2021