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søndag den 20. december 2015

Jody Bergsma book- Voksen malebøger

-got this adult coloring book with drawings of Jody Bergsma from my sweet canadian friend Linda.
I can experiment with lots ofpaint, crayons, pens and colored pencils
I love it. thank you Linda.

I know Linda maybe think i had forgotten about the book, - I havn´t sweet Linda.
This Eagle is called:
"I Have Flown... Because You Gave Me Wings"
and i love can see Jody Bergsma coloured version on this link
Adult colouring books are popular these years and can be bought in many book stores
Se flere eventyrlige mindful malebøger her
se video her om MALEBØGER for voksne

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Such a wonderful gift from your friend, your eagle is fabulous.

  2. You are lucky to recieve this beautiful coloring book from your friend Dorte, and your coloring of the eagle, amazing.