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søndag den 21. oktober 2018

Colouring in a book

Colouring in a book, I love it and just started up again after a long break

do you color? Which books do you prefer?

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  1. Love Johanna Bedford books, lovely colouring,Kate x

  2. What a gorgeous image to color!! It's looking so beautiful already!! I hope you post pictures when you finish!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I know Johannas books and they are gorgeous! Just give me some time for colouring the great designs....! You made a good start!
    Lia xx

  4. Lovely design!
    I am not a coloring book girl I have to admit!

  5. This looks a lovely book to use. I like colouring as well. I have no preferences and my books are usually gifts from friends.

  6. What a lovely book! No, I do not color, but I used to love it.
    I'm happy coloring books are available for adults. We see them everywhere around here!