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tirsdag den 9. marts 2021

Watercolor and craclepaint

then I made some watercolor pictures, on one there is also cracle paint - I am a little crazy about cracle paint I think it gives such a wonderful effect. I like to use stencils for this purpose but also like freehand

there has been so much inside time- in the last season and I have both crocheted, made embroidery and knitted quite a lot. Now I found my painting gear again and I am thinking of starting the creative side of me again. My author page is a bit on the shelf but I can tell you that I am working on a new novel which will probably not be published until next year. The creative book I have made also has a new one underway. So time goes well with me in this corona time. I hope you return to my blog in between I will probably try to visit you too - I regularly post a bit and try to keep in touch.
har du læst mine 2 nye bøger

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  1. Hi Dorte! Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog, it's great hearign from you again. Congrats to your new book: I can't read Danish, but I am sure it will be very nice. I am a writer too, but in a very different way, because I write textes for 3 Dutch craftmagazines for 25 years now! And I like making embroideries as well. I think, we are very creative people, and that's a blessing in these corona days. Stay safe!
    Lia xx

  2. Nice to see your comment on my blog, Dorte. I hope your book will be a success and the second too.
    Also nice to hear that you kept busy in these dire times. Same here, we are lucky to have hobbies and can create at home. Your paintwork looks great, I always enjoy seeing the things you make. Keep it on!

  3. Nice to see all the arty things you've been up to. Are you gardening yet or do you still have winter?

  4. Beautiful work Dorte, love the colours and I agree the crackle effect is fabulous, Kate x

  5. the first is it

  6. This is fabulous Dorte, you have created a beautiful watercolour background.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  7. I really love your painting with the text over the watercolor background. It looks wonderful and is great inspiration. I will Pin the photo to remember this idea if you don’t mind. I retired just before this pandemic hit the world. I love staying home and being creative with my hobbies. I’ve waited my whole working life for this. So hiding away from the Virus has not bothered me very much at all. We are definitely lucky to have at home hobbies and interests to get us through these trying times.

    1. congrat with your retirement I can fully understand you are happy and enjoying your creative life now. I do the same, love my hobbies and being able to spend my time as i like eventhough I have some diffilculties in my body. Stay safe dear and take care