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tirsdag den 28. januar 2020

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- do you want to see some of all the creative things I have done over the years follow the different links to another world
ECO print
Tag sewing
Made a crochet blanket
I draw a bit to, love to make depth and using pens
Birds i love using decoupage, cardstock, crackling paste and more

Kronborg castle, photos taken by me and made into cards

also i draw cards, love the freedom of making drawings
Handpainted cards

Small movie of some cards made by me

Sometimes i go MONOCROMATIC using only one colour or a few.
Serie of blue cards

Watercolour card Earth and the moon

Imake many of those, love to watercolour and play with paint

Wonderfull gorgeous and funny folded card this, from time to time i make alot of those

and the a new hobby turned up: Embroidery was my passion but not anymore - eyes are not strong enough for the little stitches

but i did manage to make another type of yarn work yarn work picture, a different piece of work, very exciting

and have you ever made Iris folding? i did manage to make a few but its not my kind of game ;O))
I am often attracted to new creative ideas and then I will try them but paper glue and scissors are my biggest passion

I love to make stamped cards to..stamping is fun and you can make many cards and variety with stamps is huge, I have a lot of stamps and I like to use them on everything

I love my Owl eye paint and decoupage pictures I love to make they give me creative space and work freedom to do
Hope you like them as Ido..

and my mixed media collage

Remember you can take a look at all my links on your left side on the blog
How about some Birds
And now Iam working on some watercolour page, ofcause using ink and more do take a look...

My work and cards in studio
Triple mat technique

my new office and canwas painted mixedmedia pictures
Decoupage The lion
thank you for watching and going through some of my Art, I hope you will return soon
want to see a bright canwas work ?
Or canwas Ocean? it is so much fun to make them and my creative mind will not stop
I go to beach and collect

Also I want to tell you that sometimes I get published /Inzpira magazine
and this next link is on the internet on The papercrafting
I will not brag about all the places I have been mentioned - just say I am proud and thank you for publishes me

Imake envelopes small and sweet with collages on
Fussycut postcards
I cannot stop
my mind is a creative bomb
all year around if not in paper aRt then in gardening, flea market and my great passion as a photographer
Ihave a table with mess and flea finds and much more from time to time.
Iam a a persistent photographer special when Iam outside..
I could go on and on..telling you about all the things I do, create and make...but I gues by now you have a pretty good picture of me..
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  1. I so enjoyed clicking on the links and thank you for the small movie too, which Is a great way to showcase your amazing talent x. You are one very talented lady x

  2. Your creations are always very artful and beautiful!

  3. I did not visit your blog for some weeks and now I am admiring your gorgeous creations. You are a real artist!!!
    Lia xx